Mold Remediation

Eliminating harmful mold from your residential and commercial properties is necessary to prevent its exposure that irritates the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. Mold exposure can also cause allergies and asthma problems. Along with health problems, mold gives an unsightly look to your property that significantly hampers the appearance of your property. 

The mold remediation specialists at American Plus Inc. carry out excellent mold removal procedures that leave no trace of mold. 

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mold removal procedures
mold remediation services

We offer the following mold remediation services.

    • Mold removal
    • Mold Demolition 
    • Sanitizing
    • Containment 
    • Mold cleaning

Suggestion: Mold thrives indoors and outside in humid, moist conditions. Mold can cause severe allergies, headaches, asthma, skin rashes, and other health problems by releasing airborne spores or toxins. Moisture control is the key to mold control. Before you start work, it is significant to suitably plan mold remediation services.

Dial (424) 333-1522 for mold remediation services by our expert technicians.

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