Lead Abatement

Lead is a highly hazardous substance that needs immediate attention to avoid exposure to a toxic environment. Besides, lead in your drinking water can be highly hazardous and pose permanent long-term health conditions. Therefore, the utmost care has to be taken, and lead removal has to be implemented to ensure a safe environment.

We are professional lead abatement contractors with trained technicians for lead removal. Call us at (424) 333-1522 to schedule an appointment today.

lead abatement specialist
lead abatement services

At American Plus Inc., we have expertise in the removal of a wide range of dangerous leads, including.

  • Lead-based paint on – windows & windowsills, stairs, railings, banisters, exterior siding, doors & door frames, porches, fences, and garage floors.
  • Lead-contaminated soil
  • Lead-contaminated dust from paint or soil
  • Dust took home by those working with lead
  • Ceramic tile removal
  • Paint removal (interior and exterior)

Suggestion: To reduce lead exposure, qualified professionals must perform lead abatement. Lead exposure can lead to delayed mental and physical development. It can also cause learning disabilities in children. Exposure to lead can raise blood pressure and cause kidney damage in adults.

For experts’ affordable and best lead abatement services, call (424) 333-1522 now and get a quote.

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