Asbestos Abatement

If your property has high levels of asbestos then it is time for you to consider having a full asbestos abatement at the earliest.  Although asbestos is a very useful mineral additive, it is equally harmful to human health. The asbestos particles are dangerous and their side effects have proved to cause a condition called the ‘sickness of lungs’. 

At American Plus Inc., we prioritize your health and, thus, ensure top-notch removal of asbestos to maintain your safety of health. Call us at (424) 333-1522 to schedule your Asbestos abatement services.

asbestos removal procedures
asbestos abatement services

Here is the wide range of asbestos abatement services we offer at American Plus Inc.

  • Drywall joint compound – most houses pre-1986 have asbestos in the drywall joint compound at a regulated level
  • Acoustical Ceiling – Popcorn ceilings
  • Floor tile – Vinyl (9×9) and the glue that holds it down (mastic)
  • Linoleum – Found in the grey backing material
  • Ductwork insulation – HVAC Ducting, pipes, and boilers
  • Plaster and Stucco – plaster and lightweight cement.

Additional asbestos abatement services

  • Fireproofing – Commercial and Industrial
  • Mastic (Glue) – Ceiling tile pucks, base coving, Lino, tile, mirrors, etc.
  • Roofing mastic, shingles, felt, and silver paint
  • Transited vent flues
  • Siding – various forms of siding have asbestos

Get in touch with us today at (424) 333-1522 for the best asbestos abatement services in town.

addl asbestos abatement services
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